Warranty conditions for e-bikes

Version 1.2 26.05.2021

  1. The SCC electromobility GmbH (hereinafter referred to as „VARANEO“) is granting a two-year warranty on all E-Bikes sold by official retailers to end-consumers. The warranty is covering material defects and processing errors. If one of those errors occurs during the transfer of risks or during the duration of the warranty, VARANEO will - at own discretion - offer elimination of this error (“rework”) or deliver another vehicle (“replacement”). In case of a rework VARANEO has the right to replace or to repair faulty parts at its own discretion and is also allowed to instruct a third party to do so.

  2. On the frame including the chainstay VARANEO grants a warranty of five years as long as the customers is getting a check-up for his E-bike at an authorized VARANEO service partner each year. If the check-up is not done yearly VARANEO is only granting a warranty of two years.

  3. On the battery pack a warranty of two years is granted. Faulty batteries will be repaired or replaced (with a battery that has at least the same remaining capacity as the replaced battery). Damages that occur due to the following activities are not covered by the warranty:
    1. Exposure of the battery to surrounding temperatures of more than 50°C (122°F) or less than -25°C (-13°F) for more than 24 hours.
    2. Physical damage to the battery or intentional attempt to prolong or shorten the battery durability by physical manipulation, programming or other changes.
    3. Bringing the battery in contact with fire or water
    4. Like all battery systems, the battery of the E-Bike will gradually lose power and capacity with ongoing usage. This loss of power and capacity is not covered by this warranty. Important notes on maximizing battery life and capacity can be found in your documentation files.

  4. The duration of this warranty starts with the day of delivery (“transfer of risk”).

  5. The following parts are not covered by this warranty and are therefore excluded:
    1. All parts that are subjected to wear (especially but not exclusively: brake pads and brake discs, tyres, dampers, paint, bearings, seals, saddle and seatpost).
    2. All parts and equipment that were not mounted by VARANEO or by an appointed third party.
    3. Consumables (especially but not exclusively: brake fluid, oils and other lubricants)
    4. Accessories which were not part of the E-Bike
    5. The actual color of the vehicles may differ for technical reasons (within the color spectrum) from the color shades shown in the online store or in other sales documents. Such deviation does not constitute a defect and is consequently not covered by this warranty.

  6. There is no warranty obligation if the error or fault and/or the damage are directly or indirectly related to one of the following activities or conditions:
    1. Warnings or notes from the manual and/or the vehicle computer were actively ignored, or the rules of appropriate and correct use and maintenance as written in the manual were not followed.
    2. The E-Bike was damaged by an act of nature, malintent or an accident.
    3. The E-Bike was used in terms of motorsports or in related activities such as training or qualifying.
    4. The E-Bike was used inappropriately (against the laws and regulation)
    5. Interventions or manipulations of any kind have been made in the drive, e-motor, controller, battery systems or software of the vehicle.
    6. Parts and accessories were attached to the E-Bike that are not officially approved by VARANEO.
    7. Lubricants were used that are not officially approved by VARANEO.

  7. Costs that occur due to downtimes of the E-Bike as well as direct or indirect financial losses are not covered by the warranty and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  8. The warranty is not effective if the maintenance intervals were not abided. Also, the warranty is not effective if the E-Bikes are used in a commercial way, especially but not exclusively: rental businesses, bike courier services.

  9. The warranty does not affect any legal rights of the customer.