The Sound of Silence

You dreamt it, we made it. Say goodbye the one thing you will never miss on a scooter: The noise! Test our e-scooter fleet now and glide silently through the city - completely emission-free!
VARANEO X1 E-Scooter (45 km/h)

Striking and futuristic like a space shuttle, the X1 has a high recognition value. It is a sports e-scooter and was designed for urban living. Its modern design is emphasised with bold color combinations. 
Embark on an adventure trip with him!

Key facts:

  • 2020 watt wheel hub motor from Bosch (approx.2.7 hp)
  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connection
  • USB port for mobile phone charging
  • Max. Speed ​​45 km / h
  • Keyless driving
  • LCD display
  • 1560 Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Range between 40km and 120 km*
  • Battery charging time approx. 5-6 hours
  • Empty weight: approx. 84 kg
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • LED headlights
  • 2 years warranty (including battery)

* The range can vary greatly depending on the driver profile, the driving style and the selected battery configuration.


The E-Scooter X1 has a 2.02 kW electric motor from Bosch, which not only works extremely economically and quietly, but also brings you reliably to all your goals.

The electric motor is powered by a 1560 Wh lithium-ion battery. The handle makes it easy to take it out of your scooter and carry it wherever you want to charge it.

You can charge the battery at any normal socket, whether at home or on the road in a restaurant or café. On the upper side of the battery you can easily read the battery charge level.

The LCD display is centrally located on the handlebars and you get all the important information about it:

  • speed
  • total kilometers travelled
  • speed controller 1-3 levels
  • battery level
  • turn signal
  • parking brake

On the left side of the handlebar there is a switch for flashing and a horn. Also on the left side you can switch the high beam on and off comfortably.

On the right side of the handlebar you can switch between parking light, parking light and dipped beam light via the light switch. The button with the round symbol switches back and forth between the speed levels. There are three different speed levels, but the power of the engine always remains the same. Pressing the green button for a long time activates the parking brake and prevents unintentional starting.

With the key you can switch the scooter on and off. There is an additional function on the ignition lock: the "Lock" function. With this function you can activate the immobiliser of the scooter with the front wheel turned to the left. So you can leave your X1 in the middle of the city without a guilty conscience. In addition, two compartments are built in, in which all objects, such as mobile phone, wallet or keys can be transported comfortably.

To make your tours through the city more comfortable, a suspension is installed under the protective hood at the rear. It compensates the unevenness on the ground.

To increase the comfort when driving with your E-Scooter, a suspension is also attached at the front. For an attractive design, the protective hoods are painted in the same colour as the scooter.

The mirrors adapt optically to the shapes of the entire electric scooter and give the X1 a modern look. Below the handlebar is a USB port for connecting and charging smartphones or other devices.

An LED light is installed at the front of the X1, which can be easily switched on and off via the control unit on the handlebars. In order to stay true to the style of the scooter, several light strips in different angular shapes have been installed.

For easier and faster parking of the scooter there is not only a main stand, but also a side stand.

You want to take someone with you? Then he should also feel comfortable! With the padded backrest he can lean back and relax and enjoy the ride with you.

The shapely details of the X1 make it a special e-scooter. The available colours are silver/black and white/black.

[TAB:technical data]
vehicle category L1e-B
dimension in (cm) 188 x 72 x 109 (L x B x H)
warranty incl. battery pack 2 years (without kilometer limit)
brand Bosch
power 2020W
max. speed 45km/h
gradient 13°
manner lithium battery
nominal voltage 60V
battery size 26Ah
charging time 5-6 hours
range in (km) with one batttery approx. 72
front headlight LED
turn signal LED
rear light LED
tyres and brakes
tyre size 90/90 12''
brakes disc brakes
brake on front- and rear axle yes
wheelbase 140cm
2.990,01 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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