Driving licence for your E-Scooter
All VARANEO E-Scooters can be driven with the driving licence of the category "AM" (old "M" or "4"). The driving licence class AM can be acquired in the federal states Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt from 15 years, in the remaining federal states from 16 years.


Funding of your E-Scooter

There is currently no nationwide uniform regulation on the funding of e-scooters. However, numerous administrative districts offer regional support in the form of subsidies for the purchase of an e-scooter. At present there is a funding of E-Scooters in the following regions:


Registration and insurance

Insurance indicator for E-Scooter

Small vehicles such as mopeds, mopeds, s-pedelecs or even e-scooters with a permissible maximum speed of 45 km/h require an insurance number plate in order to be able to be operated legally in road distribution. The small coloured number plates are called insurance plates and can be easily applied for at numerous insurance companies. As a rule, after less than 15 minutes you will have the license plate for your Varaneo E-Scooter in your hands. It is not necessary to register at the registration office. The insurance license plates have a term of one year and must be renewed on 1 March each year. Each year they change between the colours black, blue and green. This makes it easier to check whether a vehicle has a valid registration number.

Scope of the insurance

The benefits included in the insurance vary from provider to provider. Basically you have the choice between a pure liability insurance, a partial or a fully comprehensive insurance. Many insurers now offer special insurances for e-scooters, so that the batteries are partially covered. Basically, it is recommended to take out at least a partial coverage insurance, which additionally insures the following events:

  • Theft
  • Damage due to fire, explosion or lightning strike
  • Hail-, storm- and flood damage incl. short circuit
  • Damage caused by collisions with animals

Insurance costs

The costs for a pure liability insurance are about 40€ per year. A partial coverage insurance is with an annual fee of approx. 80€. The costs for fully comprehensive insurance or special E-Scooter tariffs vary strongly.


Care and maintenance

Rust prevention

All Varaneo E-Scooters are designed to offer maximum resistance to rust. Nevertheless, you should check your Varaneo E-Scooter regularly and protect with anti-rust coating. If your scooter has been exposed to excessive moisture, you can also dry it after the ride.


Only use high-quality cleaning agents suitable for the intended use and observe the instructions. Please do not aim water jets at sensitive areas such as headlights, ignition locks or operating elements, especially with high-pressure cleaners. Please ensure that the battery compartments of the Varaneo E-Scooters do not come into contact with water. Ideally, clean the seat with a damp cloth.

Handling the battery

The battery is the heart of your Varaneo E-Scooter. Therefore you should pay attention to an optimal operation of the battery at all times. Always remove the batteries from your E-Scooter to discharge them and only use the supplied mains adapter to charge the batteries. If the outside temperature is low, the batteries should be taken into the house during longer periods of idle time or overnight. If you do not use your Varaneo E-Scooter during the winter, charge the battery at least every eight to ten weeks at least halfway to prevent deep discharge and damage.


Questions and answers

Basically our Varaneo E-Scooters are very cost efficient and cost about 80-100 cents per 100 kilometer.

Additionally, there are only costs for maintenance and customer service. The inspection intervals can be found in the inspection plan. The costs for the service vary depending on the workshop and region.