About us



Then you are like many of our customers. And you are all right, because VARANEO is derived from the Spanish word for summer vacation - veraneo.
What does this have to do with our E-bikes and E-scooters?

With our electrical vehicles, we want to offer you a driving experience that feels like a summer vacation - relaxed, unwinding and uncomplicated. That's why it is essential for us to develop products that enrich your life TODAY - and not just in the distant future. This means that our ideas are on the road within a very short time and do not remain empty promises in the form of concepts or studies. At VARANEO, we are firmly convinced that mobility as we know it today will no longer meet our future needs.

There will no longer be just the ONE vehicle or mobility concept that gets us from A to B. Tomorrow's mobility will consist of individual, modular building blocks. That's why we design each vehicle for its own specific application, making it one hundred percent suitable for every target group. Research and development for our vehicles takes place in Germany. In sales and service, we rely equally on digital and analog components. While our online shop is always open and our Infocenter answers all kinds of questions about our products, our network of authorized retailers and service partners is ready to help you on site. Our partners advise you on choosing the right vehicle and offer test-drives and demonstrations in their showrooms on site, accompanied by quick, competent assstance about our product portfolio.

As VARANEO we work as an independent company in a strong business association - the SCC group. The companies of the SCC group have been very successful in the automotive sector for more than 40 years. They have numerous skills and competencies at their disposal, which we can draw on quickly and easily when needed.


Tailor-made mobility
Price fairness
A local partner
High service quality
Research & Development in Germany