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Who is the guarantor?

SCC Electromobility GmbH
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Phone: 0800-554 8000-8
E-mail: info@varaneo.de


Named Varaneo in the following text

1. Varaneo grants for each new E- Microcar of its product range a warranty of 3 years from delivery to the customer on defects and manufacturing faults.
    WITHOUT mileage limits.

     The warranty of 3 years WITHOUT mileage limitation also applies to the battery systems.

     There is the possibility of an optional warranty extension to a total of 4 years.

     You can be sure that the VARANEO battery systems are covered by this battery guarantee, that the repair or replacement of a defective or


     battery does not function properly, subject to the limitations described herein.

     If warranty claims are made for your battery, VARANEO will repair the unit or replace it with a factory-repaired one.


     Unit whose energy capacity is at least equal to the original battery capacity before the malfunction occurred.

     Despite the scope of this warranty, damages are due to intentional misuse (including intentional ignoring of active vehicle alarms),


     a collision or accident or maintenance or opening of the battery by non-VARANEO personnel is not covered by this battery warranty.

     In addition, damage resulting from the following activities is not covered by this battery warranty:

  1. Exposure of the vehicle to ambient temperatures above 50°C (122°F) or below -25°C (-13°F) for more than 24 hours continuously;

  2. Physical Damage to the Battery or the
    intentionally attempt, either by physical means, programming or other methods, to prolong (other than as stated in your documentation) or shorten the life of the battery;

  3. Battery contact with direct flames; or

  1. Flooding of the battery.

  2. The battery, like all battery systems, is exposed to a gradual loss of energy and power with continuous duration and use.

    The energy or power loss of the battery over time or due to or as a result of battery use is NOT covered by this battery warranty.

    Important information to maximize battery life and capacity can be found in your documentation.

  1. The Varaneo warranty can only be claimed if:

    1. the vehicle user manual contains the vehicle data, the name and address of the customer and the stamp of the authorised Varaneo dealer.

    2. the warranty is registered with Varaneo during the week of sale by the Varaneo dealer.

  2. The warranty can be requested from any Varaneo dealer. The customer must provide the Varaneo Authorized Dealer's user manual, which must include the vehicle vendor's stamp, the date of delivery to the customer, and proof of the manufacturer's initial inspection and service, as specified in the Varaneo Authorized Dealer's Service Booklet or Service Manual on the Internet, by means of the Varaneo Authorized Dealer's stamp.

  3. In order to maintain the warranty, the customer must present his vehicle to his authorized Varaneo dealer for all further service inspections according to the service manual or service specification on the Internet. The authorised Varaneo dealer will then carry out the various activities foreseen by Varaneo for this inspection, such as checks, adjustments and re-torquing.

    Once these activities have been carried out, the Varaneo dealer will document this by means of his stamp in the designated field with the exact date and mileage.

  4. The warranty covers the replacement or repair of the defective part according to the manufacturer's specifications, including the time required for replacement or repair. Costs for breakdown assistance and towing are not included.

  5. Interventions made under the warranty do not extend the warranty. However, if the pure working time required to carry out the warranty work causes the vehicle to be out of use for at least 7 consecutive days, the warranty period shall be extended by the period necessary to carry out the warranty work (Act of 18 January 1992 - Art. 4).

  6. The manufacturer is the legal owner of the parts removed during the warranty work.

  7. Are not covered by the warranty:

           1. any manipulation and intervention in the drive, electric motor, battery systems and software of the vehicles.

  1. All parts and equipment not manufactured by Varaneo or an authorized manufacturer.

  2. Maintenance operations such as wheel balancing and alignment, engine and headlight alignment, light bulbs, brake pads, discs and drums, lubricants and liquids.

  3. Damages, failures and disadvantages caused by:

             1. improper use, accident, theft, fire, vandalism

             2. industrial precipitation, acids, bases, chemicals, resins, bird droppings, salt, hail, storm, lightning, etc.,

  4. Non-compliance with the maintenance schedule at the scheduled intervals,

  5. a badly executed maintenance/repair

  6. Maintenance/repair outside the Varaneo network,

  7. Use of non-original parts,

  8. Use of fuels or lubricants that are faulty or contain foreign bodies or do not correspond to those recommended by the manufacturer.

     10. overloading, even temporary.

     11. the whole vehicle, if any modifications have been made to it which are not foreseen by the manufacturer, in particular if the vehicle

           no longer complies with the original homologation criteria.

    12. normal wear and tear of the vehicle, in particular of brake discs and linings, shock absorbers and normal ageing of equipment,

           Upholstery, paint and wheel rims.

    13. any vehicle in which the odometer has been replaced or tampered with in such a way that the actual mileage of the vehicle is no longer

          can be established beyond doubt, or where the chassis number or engine number has been changed.

    14. costs resulting from vehicle downtime, including direct or indirect or commercial losses, incurred by the owner or

          the user of the vehicle suffers as a result.

 9. documentation of maintenance and driving performance in relation to the warranty:

      Each beneficiary of a Varaneo warranty will receive a user manual with the delivery of his new vehicle.

      The warranty conditions can only be applied after this user manual has been submitted.

10. The legal warranty for Varaneo vehicles remains unaffected by these conditions.